How To Remove Sty From Eye

How to remove sty from eye is a guide to helping you remove a sty from your eye.  There are several ways to remove a sty from your eye.  A sty, or stye, is that ugly pimple-looking thing that appears on the eyelid that makes you look like you fought with a nasty flesh eating disease and lost.  In actuality, a sty is the result of a clogged oil gland.  Your best bet to remove the sty is to help unclog that oil gland.

  1. Although your first impulse it to squeeze the sty, please don't do it.  A sty works in pretty much the same way a pimple does.  If you squeeze it, you push all the gunk that caused the sty to develop in the first place into the eyelid and you could end up with a really nasty bacterial infection.  If you believe the sty looks gross, wait until the bacteria infection hits.
  2. The first thing you should do to remove a sty from the eye is to apply warm compresses to your eye.  You don't want to scald yourself trying to be a macho man, but you do want to get it as hot as possible.  By applying warm compresses to your eye, you are helping the clogged oil glands to unclog.  In order to remove the sty in a matter of days, you should use the compresses several times throughout the day.
  3. If you feel that the warm compress is not your cup of tea, you can pick up an antibiotic ointment or some eye drops for your sty.  The ointment and eye drops should help to remove the sty from your eye within a matter of days.  You can find the ointment and eye drops at your local pharmacy.
  4. If you notice no change in your sty after a week of tending to it, you may want to give your eye doctor a call.  The eye doctor, or ophthalmologist, may want to drain the sty.  You should also consider contacting your eye doctor if you have a fever or notice any changes in your vision.

The great thing about a sty is that it usually goes away on its own.  Most disappear within a week and rarely cause any complications.  Any concerns about the potential harm caused by a sty should definitely be expressed to your doctor.

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