How To Remove Surfboard Wax

Knowing how to remove surfboard wax is crucial to maintaining the life of your surfboard. Maintaining your surfboard's wax finish provides a grippy surface that helps you stay on. The wax builds up over time, however, and can become gritty with sand. Removal of the wax surface can occur weekly or every few months, depending on the surfer's preference. There are several methods to remove this wax, and each surfer has his own style.

To remove surfboard wax, you will need:

  • A wax comb or credit card
  • Rags
  1. Work outside. Many surfers prefer to remove surfboard wax using direct sunlight. That said, removing wax outside keeps your home clean.
  2. Set up the board. To begin removing surfboard wax, set up your board so that it lays flat, preferably at waist height. This saves your back for more surfing in the future!
  3. Melt the wax. Using direct sunlight, remove the surfboard wax by softening it. Leave the board for about fifteen minutes on a hot day and the wax will be melted when you come back. Some people use hair dryers or hot water to soften the wax, but this can cause permanent damage to your board.
  4. Remove the wax. Using the back of a wax comb or credit card, remove the surfboard wax by running the comb or credit card over the surface of the board. Make long strokes and sweep the comb (or card) over the wax, which will come up easily. Be careful when removing wax with a comb as damage to the surfboard foam can result.
  5. Rub the board. After you've removed the old surfboard wax, rub the board down with a rag before applying new wax. Surfboard wax should be reapplied each session for optimum performance.
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