How To Remove Swelling From Feet After C Section

Removing swelling from the feet after a C-Section can help relieve comfort and help her get back on her feet sooner. Shifts in hormones and fluid balances are often responsible and can easily be remedied at home. However, swelling accompanied by pain, redness, fever, and/or any other signs or symptoms can be indicative of another serious condition. These techniques are specifically for removing the normal and mild swelling from the feet after a C-Section.

  • ELEVATION. Propping the feet up can significantly decrease swelling in the lower extremities. When sitting up, put a small pillow on an average size household foot stool. When she is lying down, feet may not need to be propped up as far, but should not hang over and should be placed on a small cushion.
  • ACTIVITY. To help remove and decrease swelling of the feet after a C-Section, she should decrease her activity. Often times, swelling occurs or is increased from being on the feet for too long. For the first week or two, minimum, activities that require being on her feet for long periods at a time should be avoided.
  • CLOTHING. Wearing tight garments is not only uncomfortable after a cesarean but is not recommended. Besides applying pressure to the incision, tight clothing can contribute to swelling of the extremities and affect circulation. Loose clothing, especially shoes that fit comfortably, are a necessity.
  • MEDICATION. Sometimes, the physician may prescribe medications to help remove or reduce swelling from the feet after a C-Section. However, this often depends on the cause of the swelling and is typically limited to those suffering from hypertension postpartum. A "water pill," also known as a diuretic is not typically recommended for most new mothers and is generally not necessary.


American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

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