How To Remove Tint From Car Windows

Need to know how to remove tint from car windows? Removing the tint from car windows, for whatever reason, is not terribly difficult, and the instructions below can help you do it yourself. Whether the police pulled you over and told you to remove the tint from your car windows or you’re simply unable to see out of your car windows, removing the tint from your car windows requires just a couple of steps.

To remove tint from car windows, you will need:

  • A single-edged razor
  • An all-purpose spray cleaner
  • Steel wool
  • A trash bag
  1. Spray the car windows with the cleaner. Spray the inside of the window with the all-purpose cleaner. Spray very liberally. When you do this you may want to park the car in the shade (under a tarp, tree, etc.) so the cleaner does not evaporate, but rather absorbs into the car window.
  2. Scrape the tint. Using your single-edged razor blade, scrape at the corners of the tinted window. You are not trying to scrape the whole tint. Instead, you want just enough tint to peel away for you to be able to hold on to while peeling.
  3.  Peel to remove the tint from the car window. Grab the tint at the corner of the window and peel carefully. Ideally you want to peel the tint off in one try. Peel from other corners of the window if needed.
  4. Remove debris. Remove the remaining tint by re-applying the all-purpose cleaner and then scraping your single-edged razor to the remaining debris.
  5. Clean the car window. Clean the car window one last time by spraying it with the all-purpose cleaner and then scrubbing with a piece of steel wool in order to remove bits of tint or adhesive. Put the debris in the trash bag and you're done.

With the tint off your car windows you are now able to make right turns with ease and smile at your fellow motorists!



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