How To Remove Truck Bed

Owners wanting to modify or paint their truck need to know how to remove a truck bed. Truck beds are great for hauling items, but when it comes time to paint a truck, the best job is done by removing the bed. Some people are unsure of how much work is involved in removing the truck bed, and this prevents them from doing all that they would like to modify their trucks.

To remove a truck bed, you will need:

  • General hand tools or an air ratchet
  • Anti-rust spray
  • Helpers
  1. Tailgate light wires are the first thing to remove. Disconnect the wires where they attach to the light housings.
  2. The bed bolts hold the truck bed onto the frame. There are usually six to eight bolts securing the bed.
  3. Remove any slide-in truck liners. This gives you access to the top of the bolt, which you may need to get to if it's rusty and needs to be sprayed with anti-rust products.
  4. Spare tires under the bed should be removed to provide the best access. The spare tire may be sitting right under a spot you need to work on, so it's best to just remove it.
  5. If your bed has a lot of rust, you may need to spray some anti-rust product on the bed bolts. Let the product sit for a few minutes to work. Sometimes tapping the bolts with a hammer helps the spray work into the bolt threads better.
  6. Remove the bed bolts. From underneath the truck, use a ratchet with the correct-sized socket and remove all bolts. You may need to use a longer handled ratchet or breaker bar to get enough torque to remove the nuts.
  7. Once the bolts are removed, depending on the weight of the bed, you and a friend may be able to lift it off. You may need more than one friend to help, or the use of some sort of hoist to lift the bed, and then you can drive the truck out from under it.
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