How To Remove Urine Stains From Carpet

Knowing how to remove urine stains from carpet is important if you plan on having anyone other than your mom visit you. Assuming the urine stains on your carpet are from a pet, there are simple steps you can take to freshen and clean the carpet. It is important to remove urine stains as soon as possible.

Things you will need:

  • Stain remover
  • Old rags or paper towels
  • Carpet deodorizer
  1. The first step in removing urine stains from a carpet is soaking up as much of the urine as possible. When an accident happens, use paper towels or old rags to soak up the urine. The more urine you soak up, the better chance you will have of removing a stain. You can also use newspaper to absorb the urine.
  2. After you have blotted up the urine, spray a stain remover on the urine stain on the carpet. There are many products on the market that are effective, but you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a good one. You can find a cheap cleaner at the local dollar store that will remove urine stains from your carpet just as well as the more pricey ones.  
  3. Once you have covered the affected area, use a wet cloth or scrub brush to clean the area. To remove the urine stain from the carpet, you want to remove as much of the cleaner as you can. If necessary, use a wet vac to pick up the excess water.
  4. After cleaning the affected area with stain remover, allow it to dry. Drying could take up to a few hours, so talk to your pet about not urinating on the carpet or at least not the one in your home.
  5. Once the carpet has dried, sprinkle the affected area with a carpet deodorizer. The carpet deodorizer will help eliminate any smells that might linger from the urine stain on the carpet.  It will also give your home that fresh smell that makes people think you cleaned up when you actually just covered up.

Tips & Warnings:

  • There are many wrong ways to remove urine stains from the carpet, including the use of soap and perfumed sprays. These chemicals can be harsh and are not effective in removing urine stains.
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