How To Remove USB Virus

If your USB drive is infected, you need to learn how to remove the USB virus immediately. Your PC can become infected through a USB Virus and cause a lot of problems, because a lot of the anti-virus programs will not detect a USB virus. The steps below will show you how to remove a USB virus.

  1. Click on Start and then Run. In the text box type cmd and click OK.
  2. You should see a window on your screen that is black. At the prompt, type the drive name of your USB drive and press enter. This drive name may be F: or E:. So at the C: prompt you would type F: and press enter (or whatever your USB drive letter is).
  3. You should see a list of files that are on the USB drive. If any of the files look suspicious to you (files that you know should not be on your USB drive) then you are infected.
  4. At the command prompt type “attrib –r –a –s –h *.* (without the quotes) and press enter. This command will remove the Read Only, System and hidden file and Archive file attributes from all of the files listed above.
  5. Next, we will delete the files using the prompt “del filename” without the quotes. For example if the suspicious file is called bigvirus, you would type del bigvirus. Do this for all of the suspicious files listed on your USB drive.
  6. Remove the drive and plug it in again. The scan should be virus free.

The above steps will remove any viruses that are on your USB drive. You can also run a virus scan on the USB drive to remove any USB virus, but if you run the above steps, you shouldn’t have one.



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