How To Remove Wax From Skin

Learning how to remove wax from skin can be very annoying. Wax is sticky and difficult to remove.  Wax can be removed from your skin by using some oil to loosen the wax and then scraping off what you can.  The easiest way to do this is with baby oil that has been slightly heated. 

In order to remove wax from skin you will need

  • A microwavable container
  • Baby oil or olive oil
  • Kosher salt

In order to remove wax from skin you will need to:

  1. Try to remove the wax that you can by scraping off with your nails. 
  2. In a microwaveable container heat up some baby oil. Try to heat up in ten second increments to avoid scalding yourself. Test the heat before using so you don’t burn yourself.  Hot oil can create nasty blisters that are very painful. The heat will allow the wax to melt a little, making it much easier to remove.
  3. Take the heated up oil and rub into your skin. Keep doing this for a couple minutes.  Use your nails to scrape off whatever you can. The baby oil and heat combination will loosen up the wax.  Small pieces should start falling off.
  4. Take a handful of kosher salt and apply it to the area. Rub around the area for a while.  A couple minutes should do the trick. Wax should be coming off with the abrasiveness of the salt. Kosher salt really helps to scrub and exfoliate the skin making the wax much easier to remove.
  5. Rub some more oil into the area and keep working it in until it’s fully absorbed into your skin. Take some more salt and repeat the process until all of the wax is gone.
  6. Stubborn wax can take a long time to come off. This is especially true if you have very dry skin. The oil should help loosen it up. Take special precautions to make sure you don’t burn yourself with the oil.
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