How To Remove Wiper Arms On Chevy S-10 Pickup

Need to know how to remove wiper arms on Chevy S-10 pickup? This will help you remove the wiper arms with ease. Either you need to replace the wiper arms or some other activity you will find that removing the wiper arms are quiet simple. Okay lets get started.

  1. Pull back wiper arms. First you will want to pull back the wiper arms from the windshield by gently pulling them up and away, and now they should be fully extended from the windshield. This will be the perfect position to have access to the lower part of the wiper arm on the Chevy S-10. 
  2. Pivot mechanism. Now taking a closer look you can see the pivot mechanism on the wiper arm. Now open the latch either by hand or with a screw driver.  Whatever tool you find is easier to unlatch it. Now that it is unlatched you can pull the wiper arm right out of the socket. 
  3. Retaining clip. The retaining clip needs to be removed now so you can remove the wiper arms. Just remove the retaining clip by hand or a screw driver. It is a little difficult to remove so be careful. The best way to remove the clip is to put the screw driver into the base of the wiper arm and pry the clip from the arm. Now you should be able to pull the wiper arm out and replace it if you wish.



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