How To Remove Worn Down Football Cleats

Many football players often wonder how to remove worn down football cleats. Removing football cleats can be complicated for newcomers to the sport. The cleats are used to give players adequate support while playing football. The cleats support the ankles and feet from turning and keep players grounded from sudden punches and quick moves. The shoes usually come in three different styles which can vary depending upon what position a player plays. There are high tops, mid cuts and low cuts shoes, but they all provide the same type of protection. At the first sign of the cleats becoming old and worn, they should be replaced. 

  1. Choose the type of cleats. Select the types of cleats you will be replacing the old ones with. The position the player plays will determine the type of cleats chosen. There are cleats for all positions. Some cleats are shorter than others.
  2. Take out old cleats. To remove the old cleats, use a wrench. The cleats may feel a little tight and might need extra force to get them off. You will have to screw the cleats out.
  3. Replace cleats. Place each cleat back into the appropriate area. It is important to make sure every spot is filled with a cleat. Some individuals do them all at one time, while others prefer to do them one at a time. You will need to use the wrench to replace and screw the cleats back into place.
  4. Try the cleats out. Put on the shoes to make sure they are comfortable. Sometimes it is easy to choose the wrong types of cleats. If the cleats works for you, you are all set to play football.  It is important to take care of cleats properly so they will last longer. Do not walk on asphalt or concrete surfaces with your cleats on. This will cause the cleats to wear down quickly. Properly taking care of your cleats will ensure they last a long time.
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