How To Remove Write Protection From SD Cards In Nokia Phones

Learn how to remove the write protection from SD Cards in Nokia phones so that you can add or delete files for your Nokia Phone. Secure Digital (SD) Cards are standardized by the Secure Digital Card Association. The standardization platform provides commonality across all SD Cards, no matter who the manufacturer is, or what memory size the SD card is.

  1. Locate and remove the SD Card from the slot on your Nokia phone. There are two different ways to pull the card out. On some models you push the card gently forward and the card ejects. On other models, use your fingernail to gently pull the card from the slot.  The SD Cards in Nokia phones are directional, so be sure to note which direction the card comes out so you can replace it.
  2. Look at the side of the SD Card to located the lock protect tab. When the lock protect is slid into the lock position, nothing can be accidentally erased or over written and no files can be added to the SD Card in your Nokia phone.
  3. Slide the lock protect tab to unlock the SD Card. The SD Card is now unlocked. If you choose, you can use your computer to upload or download files to your SD Card before you reinstall it in your Nokia phone.
  4. Replace the SD Card in your Nokia phone remembering to reinstall it the same direction in which you removed. The SD Card will only fit in one direction. Do not try to force it. Gentle pressure should be all that is required.
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