How To Remove Xbox 360 Faceplates

You may have seen nifty Xbox 360 faceplates on your friends system and wondered how do you remove the Xbox 360 faceplate.  Well look no further as we will learn how to carefully remove the faceplate from your system and replace it with a brand spanking new look.

Lets get prepared first before we attempt anything.

  • Remove any disk from the disk tray.  Carefully take any disk out of your system to ensure your favorite Xbox 360 game, DVD or CD does not get scratched.  Since we are entering into the inside of the system you can never be too careful.  
  • Remove anything connecting the Xbox to your television, controllers or to a power source.  The smartest thing in this situation is to prepare carefully for your faceplate removal which includes protecting yourself from electrocution and the system from any external damage. 
  • Lay the Xbox on a soft spot on your floor.  Try to keep your Xbox 360 system in a safe place ensuring it will not fall and break or it cannot get scratched in any way.  

Take a long look at the Xbox 360 system and notice there are two tabs on the left and right side of the faceplate, this is where they attach to your Xbox 360 system.  

Lets now actually remove the Xbox 360 faceplate from your system with these simple steps.

  1. Locate the door that covers the USB ports on the right side of your Xbox 360 console.
  2. Gently place your thumb inside the door and press upwards, removing the right side of the Xbox 360 faceplate.  
  3. Gently squeeze the top and bottom of the faceplate while pulling back with your thumb

You should now be holding a fully detached Xbox 360 faceplate, sucessfully removing your Xbox 360 faceplate from your console.

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