How To Renew Passport

Looking for information on how to renew your passport? If you are a first time applicant, you must apply for a passport in person. However, if you had a passport in the past, you can apply for your passport card renewal via snail mail. Although you can renew your passport in person, doing so by mail is the best way to go.

To renew your passport, you will need:

  • Old passport
  • Form DS-82
  • Personal check or money orders for fee
  1. Passport Renewal Requirements. To renew your passport by mail, your current passport needs to be undamaged; it must have been issued when you were sixteen or older; it must have been issued within the past fifteen years and your current name must be present on the passport. If you do not meet those conditions, you must apply for your passport in person.
  2. Download Form DS-82. If you meet those eligibility requirements, you will need to download Form DS-82: Application for a US Passport by Mail from the United States Department of State website. Follow the directions on the form for filling it out.
  3. Mail the Form. Once you have filled out Form DS-82, you will need to pay the current passport fee mentioned on the form. Only personal checks and money orders are accepted. For routine service, mail your paperwork to the National Passport Processing Center, PO Box 90155, Philadelphia, PA 19190-0155. For an additional fee, you can bump your passport application to the top by mailing it to the National Passport Processing Center, PO Box 90955, Philadelphia, PA 19190-0955.

Being that you are sending sensitive information via the mail, it is recommended that you place the documents in a security envelope using a traceable form of postage.

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