How To Rent A Private Jet In Singapore

Many corporate executives and luxury travelers find themselves needing to know how to rent a private jet in Singapore on relatively short notice. Thankfully, chartering a private jet in Singapore is easy if you know where to look. Most companies that offer private jets in Singapore are accustomed to working with Westerners who have a very busy schedule and are staffed by travel professionals who speak English fluently. Here is what you need to know about renting a private jet in Singapore.

  1. Familiarize yourself with Singapore's airports. There are five different airports that accommodate private jets in Singapore. These airports include Changi, Paya Lebar, Seletar, Sembawang and Tengah. Changi is one of the best airports for a private jet in Singapore that offers instrumentation and a long runway that makes it particularly safe for landing during inclement weather. Paya Lebar's runways and instruments make it easy to service from multiple approaches. Seletar is a small airport that does not have any instruments at all and can only be used during clear weather conditions. Sembawang and Tengah are fairly primitive airports that are only appropriate for small passenger jets in Singapore.
  2. Choose your destination. Once you are familiar with the five airports that are equipped to handle traffic from private jets, it is time to choose your final destination in Singapore. Although some jet companies service all of the airports in the country, some businesses only offer flights to airports that have advanced instrumentation. The purpose of your visit to Singapore will also often help determine which airport is right for you. 
  3. Research the charter jet companies operating in Singapore. Depending on which airport you decide to be your final destination, there could be anywhere from two to ten different businesses that offer a private jet in Singapore to that particular location. Some of these companies offer a full crew that provides luxury amenities during the flight, while others provide cheaper flights that are manned by a single pilot. Full service flights on private jets can easily cost over $2500 in Singapore, while basic flights typically cost around $1500.
  4. Make your travel reservations. Reserving your flight is the easiest part of renting a private jet in Singapore. You will often find that small companies are willing to negotiate on price when in comes to renting private jets in this part of the world, so do not feel that you need to settle for the listed price for your flight. Once you have negotiated a fair price, you will typically need to either pay in advance or provide a deposit in order to finalize your travel arrangements.
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