How To Rent A Snowboard

When it is your first time out snowboarding, there are a few important things to know in how to rent a snowboard. You can rent a snowboard from the ski resort where you plan on snowboarding. Many snowboard retailers also have rental options. But make sure to plan ahead, and you will have more options to choose from.

  1. Allow yourself plenty of time to rent a snowboard. You have no idea how long you might have to wait in line to rent a snowboard. Resorts often get busy, especially on the weekends. Don't waste all your time waiting in line for a snowboard.
  2. The snowboard should go somewhere between your chin and nose when it stands up next to you. The staff will be assisting you on what is an appropriate size for you, but it is often helpful if you know what you need. You can also rent snowboarding boots if you don't have them. Know your shoe size, so the process will go faster.
  3. Have your drivers license and money handy. Some places will need to verify the information on your drivers license so they know how to reach you if the snowboard comes up missing. There is also a daily fee on renting a snowboard. If you plan on snowboarding a lot you might want to consider investing in a snowboard, because these fees can add up.
  4. Sometimes you can pay for the rental of the snowboard in advance to secure your snowboard. This often will require a credit card and you can do it over the telephone. Check where this service is available.
  5. Pick a snowboard that is in decent shape. Rental snowboards are often banged up quite a bit, make sure to check your board out before renting. The staff should assist you in any further questions when it comes to knowing how to rent a snowboard.



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