How To Repaint And Finish A Guitar

There comes a time when you are ready for a change, and then you begin to wonder how to repaint and finish a guitar. This activity is a great opportunity to switch-up colors or finishes on your currently boring guitar. A few steps are all that is needed for you to start practicing how to repaint and finish a guitar.

To perform how to repaint and finish a guitar, you will need:

  • Guitar body – stripped (neck, strings, pick guard removed)
  • Sandpaper of various textures
  • Newspaper
  • Tape
  • Aerosol primer
  • Lacquer your color choice
  • Buffing cloth
  • Clear lacquer
  1. Remove old paint. Start with coarse sandpaper and use this to remove the old paint. Learning how to repaint and finish a guitar includes using less abrasive sandpaper for spots where the original coat remains.
  2. Cover all openings. Use newspaper and tape to mask off all holes located in the guitar body. Protecting the inner cavity of the instrument is important when accomplishing how to repaint and finish a guitar.
  3. Prepare to paint. Spray the body with an aerosol primer to help the lacquer adhere to the body as you learn how to repaint and finish a guitar. After the primer dries, apply two more coats of primer.
  4. Remove the roughness. Sand the dried primer with fine-grained paper to remove bumps and uneven areas to continue with a flat work surface as you fulfill how to repaint and finish a guitar. Wet the sandpaper and rub to remove accumulated oil from fingers.
  5. Let the painting begin. Utilize your colored lacquer to spray several coats on the guitar body, spraying evenly. Maintaining uniform color distribution is crucial to achieving a good appearance when learning how to repaint and finish a guitar.
  6. Apply lacquer and buff. Apply two to three coats of the clear lacquer on the guitar. After it dries, use a soft fabric to polish the entire body. That was it! You have experienced how to repaint and finish a guitar.



Use a well ventilated area when painting.

Allow lacquer to fully dry before sanding.

Start with coarse sandpaper then proceed to a less gritty grade.

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