How To Repair The Back Of A Cleat

Need to know how to repair the back of a cleat? If you play soccer or American football and want to repair your cleats, you will have to use certain tools and methods to achieve the best results. Repairing the back of a cleat allows you to utilize it on a field when playing physical matches in a very active league. You may have to repair the backs of your cleats if you love living frugally but have a strong interest in playing physical sports. You will find that repairing your cleats is quite possible if you follow the simple steps below.

To repair the back of a cleat, you will need:

  • Thread
  • A hammer
  • Scissors
  • Adhesives
  • An awl
  1. First, you will have to identify the problem which has caused the back of your cleats to become damaged. You are probably repairing the back of your cleat because it is broken. When a soccer cleat becomes damaged, a cobbler can fix it with just a few materials (threads, hammers, scissors, adhesives). If you gather these materials, you can do the repairs yourself.
  2. After you have identified what has caused your cleat to be broken, be prepared to repair it. If the back has been divided into two parts, you can sew them together with thread, scissors and an awl. Pierce through the leathery materials which cover the back of your cleat with an automatic awl and sew them together. Also, you can use powerful adhesives to glue broken cleats together. Applying a potent glue to the damaged area will allow you to repair the back of a cleat that has broken. Essentially, if you want to repair the back of a cleat, you can rely on a hammer and glue. After applying glue to your broken cleat and joining its leathery materials together, beat it with a hammer and let it rest for three hours.
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