How To Repair Banding Problems On Sharp Tvs

If you are bothered by the changes in the LCD color of your Sharp television that is accompanied with visible strips on the screen or a poor lighted LCD, you may be interested to learn how to repair banding problems in Sharp TVs. You have other options to remedy this problem on your Sharp TV when the warranty of your television is already void with these steps on how to repair your Sharp TVs banding problems.

  1. Double check if the problem in your Sharp TV is indeed from its banding. There could be other reasons why color problem occurs on your Sharp TV but there is no doubt that the most common problem with the color in a Sharp TV emanates from banding issues.
  2. Check your satellite or cable connection. There are certain instances when the color problems occur mainly because of error in cable connections of your Sharp TV. You can ask your cable operator to check your connection or call for technical support to help check your satellite connections.
  3. Check also the color settings in your TV. The color settings may change the color on the screen of your Sharp TV. You can check whether changes were made on the color setting by going to the menu. From the color setting you may adjust the brightness and tint controls by using the volume control from the remote of your Sharp TV. Steps one through three will help you rule out other possible causes with the color issues on your TV unit before resorting to check for possible banding problem in your television.
  4. Unplug your TV. This is the foremost step when you would try to check inside the TV. It is a precautionary measure before you open the Sharp TV and check it from the inside.
  5. Remove your TV set back cover. The simple use of a screwdriver will do the trick in doing this. At the same time, you may also want to have an old toothbrush or paintbrush to dust off the TV inside as well.
  6. Check for loose connections. The loose connections may actually contribute to the banding problem on your Sharp TV. You may re-connect the loose wires or its connections in your television and recheck if it will correct the banding problem in your TV. Determine the extent of the damage on the wire connection whether minor repair can restore the normal banding quality of your TV or you may need to restore the entire part that is causing the banding problem with a new one.
  7. If soldering the wire connection will not correct the banding issues on your television, you will need to call a professional technical for help. You may also want to go to the online site of Sharp where online technicians can help you diagnose the banding problems on your Sharp TV.

Banding is a difficult problem to address, as it usually is a result of the TV's construction. Research televisions before you buy them to see if they are prone to banding problems and save yourself from any future customer service hassles.

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