How To Repair A Bathroom Sink Drain

Need to know how to repair a bathroom sink drain? You can repair a bathroom sink drain and save yourself lots of money.  Forget having to call a plumber.  Repairing bathroom sink drains is really easy to do, once you get the hang of it.  Sink clogs are usually from hair and other things that happen to fall down the drain.  All kinds of things can get stuck down there and can stink up your drain.  Eventually the sink will start draining extremely slowly.  Every couple months it’s a good idea to go ahead and clean out the sink drains to prevent plumbing problems.

In order to repair a bathroom sink drain you will need:

  • A bucket to catch gross water
  • A wrench
  • Hot water
  • A toilet plunger
  • A wire hanger

Steps to repairing a bathroom sink drain

  1. Gather all of your supplies.  You might first try simply pouring boiling water down the drain. 
  2. If that fails, grab the toilet plunger.  Use quick movements to attempt to get the water flowing down the drain. 
  3. If that also fails, you will need to remove the debris caught in the pipes. 
  4. Remove the sink stopper.  Underneath your sink is where the stopper connects to the main drain.  Bob the stopper up and down to figure out where this piece connects if it’s not obvious. Remove the stopper. 
  5. The stopper usually has a lot of really disgusting stuff attached to it.  Clean this piece off thoroughly.
  6. Place your bucket underneath the main drain. Unscrew the main drain. This piece is usually PVC pipe.  You might have to use your wrench if it’s on really tight.
  7. As you unscrew this piece keep the bucket close by.  Disgusting water should start pouring down.
  8. Use a wire hanger to prod up and down. This should clean out the rest of the junk that is stuck in the drain. 
  9. Reattach your sink stopper, throw out your dirty water, and that’s it. Your drain should be clear.
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