How To Repair A Broken LCD TV

Are you wondering how to repair a broken LCD TV with an ugly, cracked screen? A broken LCD TV usually means a broken monitor. Maybe an identified flying object, like your child’s toy or the television remote, broke the screen and rendered it unusable. Is it even possible to repair an LCD television screen? While “yes” is the simple answer to this question, the best thing to do is junk the broken TV and buy a new one. This is the cheapest solution. After all, a replacement screen can cost almost as much as a brand new TV set. But if TV repairs are a challenge you don't mind taking on, and you can find a good used screen that fits your LCD model, here are the instructions in eight easy steps.

To repair a broken LCD TV, you will need:

  • A new or used LCD television screen
  • A screwdriver
  • A willing assistant
  1. Contact the TV manufacturer. Before attempting to repair a broken LCD TV, contact the television manufacturer. Ask about their repair policy. Find out what they charge to replace a broken TV screen, and determine if the replacement is worth the cost.
  2. Visit a TV repair store. In addition to the manufacturer, visit a local TV repair store. Show them the damage to your LCD monitor, and ask for a quote on screen replacement or repair. Again, determine if the repair is worth the cost.
  3. Search for a new replacement screen. If you decide to purchase a new LCD screen and make the repair yourself, do your research. Call the television manufacturer, or visit the online support sites for your TV's make and model.
  4. Search for a used replacement screen. To save money, you can look for a used LCD screen. Start with the online classifieds and auction sites. You may be able to find a broken TV set with a good screen that you can use for parts. Online classifieds and auction sites often sell new replacement parts, too.
  5. Gather your TV repair supplies. After your replacement screen arrives, you can start the repair. Gather your supplies, along with any detailed instructions that came with the screen.
  6. Prepare for the TV repair. First things first. Turn off the power and unplug the television from the wall. Remove all cables connected to the TV from other components, like a DVD player, game console, or home theater system. Also remove any cables connected to the broken screen.
  7. Remove the broken LCD screen. Remove the frame screws from the broken LCD screen with a screwdriver. A second pair of hands can hold the monitor steady while you remove the screws. Carefully remove the frame and set it safely out of the way. Finally, remove the broken screen.
  8. Replace the broken LCD screen. Replace the cracked TV screen with your new screen. While your assistant holds the screen in place, replace the frame and tighten the screws. Attach all the cables in their proper places. Bask in the glow of your accomplishment. Your LCD TV is repaired and ready to enjoy.
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