How To Repair A Broken Marriage

If your marital relationship needs some mending, consider these tips on how to repair a broken marriage. Even the best marriages can have their difficulties, so you are not alone. All relationships can reach a point where a little TLC is necessary.

Your marriage may be suffering due to any number of reasons and the best way to mend your relationship may be unique to your particular circumstances. But these simple steps can head you in the right direction, as you and your spouse work together to repair your marriage.

  1. Make a commitment. If you want to repair your marriage, commitment is the first thing to consider. You and your wife must agree that your marriage is worth saving. Many marriages end because only one person wants to save the marriage. Have an honest discussion with your wife and determine if both of you are on the same page. Make a commitment to work together to mend the relationship.
  2. Define your marriage. Before you can start repairing your marriage, you and your wife must decide what you want from the marriage and from each other. Have a conversation and renegotiate your marriage, if necessary. Visit a pastor or counselor for guidance. Decide what needs to change in your relationship so you can have a strong, happy marriage again.
  3. Don’t keep score. The “blame game” won’t mend your marriage. Your relationship isn’t about who is right and who is wrong. If you want a happy marriage, don’t keep score. Both of you must change your focus from "him" and "her" to "we" and “us" so you can move on in the mending process.
  4. Pay attention. Remember the little things you did early in your marriage to make each other feel special? Do them again. Do them every day. Greet each other with a kiss. Compliment your spouse. Do something nice for your partner. Paying attention goes a long way toward mending a broken marriage.
  5. Plan a vacation. It's easier to deal with the big issues in marriage when you are rested and relaxed. Take a vacation together. Go away for the weekend or spend a few days alone together. Have a good time and get to know each other all over again. Time away can lay a good foundation for addressing the big issues when you get back home.
  6. Work at it. Mending a broken marriage takes work. Don’t believe conventional wisdom that says you have only two options–misery together or divorce. Stay and work things out. Learn to listen to your spouse and encourage each other. With time, commitment and hard work, you can repair your relationship and have a happy marriage again.
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