How To Repair A Broken Plasma TV

Need to know how to repair a broken plasma TV? Did an unfortunate accident break or crack your plasma television screen? We feel for you. Buying a new plasma TV is expensive, but it may be your best option. In fact, depending on the extent of the damage, it may be your only option. Repairing a broken plasma TV screen is not easy, and it’s certainly not cheap. If your screen is severely damaged, it may be impossible to repair the TV. Plasma screens are made of two pieces of glass encasing a mixture of gases that emit light. If your TV is damaged in such a way that the gases can escape, you cannot repair the plasma screen. However, if the break or crack is less extensive and the gas has not escaped, you can attempt to make repairs or cover the damage.

To repair a broken plasma TV screen, you will need:

  • Petroleum jelly
  • A soft microfiber cloth
  1. Determine if the gas has escaped. If the outer glass of your plasma TV is scratched or lightly cracked, the television will still function. Turn on the TV. If a picture appears, it is unlikely that the gas has escaped. To be sure, touch the crack with your finger. Wetness around the crack indicates leaking gas.
  2. Contact the television manufacturer. Whether or not the gas has escaped from your plasma TV, it’s a good idea to contact the manufacturer. Ask about their repair policy, as well as the cost of replacing a broken plasma screen. Determine if the repair or replacement is worth the cost. You may decide to go ahead and buy a brand-new plasma TV.
  3. Contact a television repair shop. In addition to the manufacturer, contact a local television repair shop. Ask the repairman to look at the damage and give you an estimate or quote. Again, determine if repairs can save you the cost of buying a new plasma TV.
  4. Gather the repair supplies. If you want to repair your broken plasma TV rather than buying a new one, gather your supplies. These include items you probably already have at home: a jar of petroleum jelly and a soft microfiber cloth.
  5. Unplug the television set. Before starting repairs, turn off the power to your plasma TV and unplug the set from the wall outlet. It is not necessary to remove the cables connected to the television from other components.
  6. Repair the scratch or crack. Start with a thick coat of petroleum jelly. Use a soft microfiber cloth to rub the jelly on and into the crack. Wipe away the excess. Repeat this process until all the cracks are completely filled in.
  7. Test your plasma TV. Plug the television back into the wall and turn on the power. If a picture appears and the cracks disappear, your repair worked. Congratulations! If your repair did not fix the problem, seek professional assistance or buy a new plasma TV.
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