How To Repair Fishing Poles

Learning how to repair fishing poles can take some time, but it is knowledge that can be very beneficial in the field. Fishing rod guides, the circular loops through which the line runs, are the most commonly broken parts of rods. Rods snapped are usually unable to be repaired. Following is how to repair guides.

Materials for Repairing Fishing Rods

  • Five minute epoxy
  • Replacement guides
  • Strong thread
  • Lighter
  • Razor blade 

How to Repair Fishing Rods


  1. When a fishing rod's guide breaks or becomes loosened, the first step in the repair process is removing it. Guides are generally attached on two sides by wrapped thread and epoxy, and taking a razor blade, heated with a lighter, and pressing it through the epoxy and thread is one easy way to remove a damaged guide.
  2. Purchase a replacement guide (or guides) from any sporting goods store, and wrap its two ends tightly with thread, mimicking what you see on other guides. Wrap until all of the exposed sides of the guide are covered in thread. Then, knot the thread, and mix some five minute epoxy.
  3. Epoxy takes some time to get down, but once you have gotten the hang of how to use it, it can be very helpful in a number of situations. After it has been mixed, places a little pit of epoxy over the thread wraps that secure the new fishing guide (on both sides), and turn the rod slowly in your hands for a few minutes, until the epoxy is no longer runny.
  4. Once the first coat has hardened, apply a second (glamour) coat, which can be thicker than the first which only secured the wraps, and slowly turn the rod in your hands until it is dry, and the guide is secured and looking good.

Repairing a rod tip is also very easy. Sporting goods stores often have replacement tips, which may be put on the end of the broken rod tip, and secured with hot glue or epoxy. Although it can be frustrating at first, using epoxy can be very handy, and it can really help fix things, such as broken fishing rods.

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