How To Repair Flashlighting In LCD Television

Looking for information on how to repair flashlighting in LCD television? Here is an easy fix (or four) that may just do the trick. Liquid crystal displays (LCD) are illuminated by a fluorescent backlight from a cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL). An LCD panel is designed to diffuse light, blocking out the unnecessary light. However, some spots may still appear brighter than other spots.

"Flashlighting" occurs when backlight "leaks" out of the frame, usually near the corners of the screen. The display area between the corners may also appear cloudy. The problem can be very annoying and distracting to TV viewers. While no permanent solution may exist, here are four things to try if your LCD TV exhibits flashlighting.

  1. Lightly tap or massage the screen. Some LCD television owners have had success with tapping and finger massage. Wrap a microfiber cloth around your fingers, and lightly tap or massage the area where backlight bleeding occurs. To avoid damaging the display, use light tapping and gentle massage.
  2. Firmly press the screen. If a large cloud appears on your LCD TV, try pressing the screen. A firm push may be all you need to get rid of the cloud. Don’t press the screen too hard, however, or you will have more problems than you started with.
  3. Reposition the TV set. Backlight leakage can occur with the smallest warp in how the monitor is framed and mounted. Moving the television set or readjusting the frame, with a few light taps to the screen, may be enough to fix the flashlighting problem.
  4. Loosen the panel screws. If tapping, massaging, or repositioning your LCD television can’t repair backlight bleed, loosen the top panel screws. Some areas of the screen may not have much support, while other areas may be tightly pressed to the frame. Slightly loosening the panel screws can even things out and may eliminate flashlighting.
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