How To Repair Furniture

Learning how to repair furniture at home is not too hard for those who have a solid understanding of tool use and craftsmanship. Using certain materials, anyone can repair damaged furniture to make it look as good as new, an make it welcoming to residents and guests of the house. Following is some advice on how to repair furniture at home.

How to Repair Furniture: Materials

  • Replacement wood, same as original
  • Saw
  • Hammer or drill
  • Nails or Screw
  • Wood glue or epoxy
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood finish
  • Tape

How to Repair Furniture

  1. First, purchase all of the supplies that you will need to begin fixing damaged furniture. These items should be available at any home improvement or building supply stores.
  2. To physically fix a broken pat of a piece of furniture that needs to be replaced, remove the problem area. Try to pry its nails loose if it was nailed on, or unscrew it if it was drilled on to the rest of the piece. If you cannot do this, gently and carefully, saw it loose, seeing that you do not damage any other parts of the furniture.
  3. Cut a replacement piece from the same type of wood. Sand it down, and install it, suing nails or screws. Then, cover it with wood finish, which is of the same type as that used during the furniture's original construction. This is very important, or the problem area will be off color, and easily noticeable to anyone.
  4. To fix small splints, apply some wood glue, and tap the splinted wood pieces down. Allow them to dry, and then thoroughly sand them so that they are completely flush with the surrounding wood areas. Recover the sanded and reattached splints with fresh finish that matches the color of that used on the rest of the furniture.
  5. To fix larger cracks or dents, fill them with epoxy, then sand them down and cover them with wood finish. For big gaps, cut a small piece of wood, and glue it in, and then sand that down flush, and cover it with fresh finish, so that it is not noticeable.

Learning how to repair furniture at home is not too difficult. Using some basic supplies, anyone who has any experience working with wood can make damaged furniture pieces look as good as new, helping them to make your living space more homely.

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