How To Repair Goalie Hockey Gear

Learning how to repair goalie hockey gear properly may depend on the extent of the repair. Repairing hockey gear that is chipped, cracked or dented is simple. This article will look at the best way to repair hockey gear that you can do at home. Repairing hockey gear at home takes patience and steady hand. Of course, to repair hockey gear you need the right tools for the job.  Repairs to hockey gear can be expensive and replacements even more so. Consider learning how to repair hockey gear yourself to save money and time. Review the process below for a fundamental process of repairing damaged hockey gear.

Things you will need to repair:

  • Hockey hear
  • Epoxy
  • Blow dryer
  • Sandpaper
  • Damp towel
  • Accessories
  • Paint
  1. Sometimes repairs are as simple as replacing a part. Keep an extra chin strap, sports tape etc. handy at all times for the quick and easy repairs. Other more serious repairs such as clacks, splits and dents require more attention and care.
  2. Use epoxy resin to fill and secure these types of repairs. Apply and spread the epoxy across the entire area. You can use a blow dryer if the epoxy is too hard to manipulate. Be generous with your application. We are not shooting for pretty here, just security and safety.
  3. Once the epoxy resin dries, use the sandpaper to smooth out the area. Use the damp cloth to clean the area. If you are so inclined you can paint over the epoxy to try to blend the repair with the rest of the gear.
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