How To Repair Guitar Amplifier Speakers

Guitar amplifier speakers are high volume, and thus they are expensive, which is why you may want to know how to repair guitar amplifier speakers when they break. This can be important if you ever overload them, thus causing damage. The following method is only a temporary fix, but it will work if you ever get in a pinch.

To repair guitar amplifier speakers, you will need:

  • A slow setting, medium velocity adhesive
  • A disposable applicator (a small paint brush, cotton swab, etc.)
  • A gauze bandage that has close fingers and which can be unrolled into a single layer
  • A pair of scissors
  • A basic tool set
  • A soldering iron with solder
  1. Figure out which speaker in your guitar amplifier need to be repaired. The best way to do this is by playing a variety of test tones through your guitar amplifier. Listen carefully to figure out which tones are being distorted.
  2. Remove the protective grill on your guitar amplifier speakers. You will need to use a screwdriver for this.
  3. Remove the broken speaker. Examine the cones and the voice coils on your speaker to find out where the damage is.
  4. Repair the damage. If there is a hole in the speaker cone, close it. Be careful to line the edges of the tear up right. If the speaker’s foam is caught on the guitar amplifier speakers, use a paperclip to pull it out.
  5. Reinforce the closing with gauze. Place a single layer of gauze that is slightly larger than the tear itself over the tear in your guitar amplifier speakers. This will keep the hole from reopening.
  6. Apply adhesive around the gauze. Spread the glue out thinly with an applicator. Carefully but firmly press the gauze down along the tear until it is completely covered.
  7. Write down any information you will need when you purchase a new guitar amplifier. This is something that you must do before you finish doing the repairs to your guitar amplifier speakers. The information that you will need in order to purchase a new set includes the resistance, serial number and power handling data. These can be found on the back of your speakers.
  8. Reattach the speaker wires now that you have managed to repair your guitar amplifier speakers. Install the guitar amplifier speakers in the cabinet with the old hardware. Make sure that you don’t tighten the screws too fast or you’ll strip the screw holes. Solder any loose wires into place.
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