How To Repair Guitar Tuning Key

Need to know how to repair a guitar tuning key? A tuning key or peg on a guitar is one of the more fragile parts on the guitar, and can go bad relatively sooner than a lot of the other parts of the guitar. Repairing a tuning key is a simple process compared to a lot of other possible repairs your guitar may need in the future. If a tuning key on your guitar has ceased to function, check out the tips below to help you repair it.

To repair a guitar tuning key, you will need:

  • A new set of tuning keys
  • A Phillips screwdriver
  • A new set of strings
  1. Start by removing the old strings from your guitar. Do this by loosening all of the old tuner keys and, when they are loose enough, feeding them through the bridge.
  2. Using the Phillips screwdriver, unscrew all of the old tuners from the head stock and remove them. The tuning keys might be set into the wood, so be careful not to force them out and only apply enough pressure so that they will come out easily. The reason you change them all out, including the broken one, is to maintain consistency in the tone of the guitar. Save these tuners with their screws; you never know what you might need them for.
  3. Take the Phillips screwdriver and screw the new set of tuning keys into the head stock. Make sure not to strip the screws because this could cause tuning issues that require future repairs that could be much more complicated.
  4. Put the new strings on the guitar. When putting the strings on the guitar, be gentle and tune them up slowly because the new tuners still need to get broken in!

Get tuning keys that are made specifically for your brand of guitar to avoid compatibility issues and make the process much more simple.

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