How To Repair Hockey Skate Blades

Learning how to repair hockey skates, the right way, can save you some hard earned cash. Hockey skate blades can be damaged even if you take proper care. Damage sustained to hockey skates can be minor or major. Minor damage is easily repaired with a little know how. Major damage, such as a split in the skate blade is much more difficult to repair. In most cases, sever damage will require a professional or replacement. This article will concentrate on damage that can be repaired at home with common tools. Hockey skate blades need to maintain the sharp edges and stability to ensure a proper glide and to keep the hockey player on the ice. Follow the simple process below for minor repairs to hockey ice skate blades, such as small chips, damage leading to dull blades and small blade dents.

Things you will need to make these repairs:

  • Ice hockey skates
  • File
  • Soft cloth

How to repair hockey skate blades:

  1. First thing is to evaluate the damage. If the damage is severe then consult a professional shop for repair or replacement. Otherwise, take a seat with damaged ice skate. Secure the ice skate between your knees. Use the soft cloth to clean the blade.
  2. Take the file and gently file the damaged area. Use long even strokes. This method is best for dents and scratches to the ice skate blade. Keep the motion going until the dent or scratch has been removed or evened out. Use the soft cloth to remove any residue.
  3. With your finger gently feel the blade. You are looking to see if it is the proper sharpness. If it is not, continue to gently file the skate blade until it reaches maximum sharpness.
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