How To Repair Kia Sedona Wheel Bearing

Learn how to repair your Kia Sedona wheel bearing to save some cash.  Performing your own Kia maintenance can save money.  The amount of driving you perform will determine the frequency for wheel bearing maintenance on your Kia Sedona.  Worn wheel bearings will make a loud noise, when your Sedona is moving.  The noise will usually be a low pitched drone.

Here are the tools and parts you will need, to repair and repack the wheel bearings on your Sedona:

  • Wheel bearing pacing kit (wheel bearing grease)
  • Socket wrench, basic tool kit
  1. Remove the brake assembly on the KIA Sedona.  Before you can access the wheel bearing you will need to remove the brake rotor and caliper.  Once the rotor and caliper is removed, you will have access to the wheel bearing on your Sedona.
  2. Remove the existing wheel bearings.  Remove the wheel hub on the Kia Sedona.  Once the wheel hub is removed, you can physically remove the wheel bearing.  If the unit is physically stuck, you can use gently use a mallet to dislodge the unit.  The wheel bearing is approximately 3” in diameter. 
  3. Repair the existing wheel bearing.  To repair the existing bear, you will need to apply new grease.  Please an adequate amount of grease into the palm on your hand.  Use your other hand, and place the bearing unit on your hand.  Make sure that the wheel bearing grease goes through the entire bearing.  Before you replace the bearing, make sure you have an adequate amount of grease between all the rollers. 
  4. Reinstall the wheel bearing onto the hub.  Be sure to place wheel bearing grease on the wheel hub, before you physically put the bearing back in place.  After you have adequately greased the hub, you can put back your Sedona bearing. After you have repaired your wheel bearing, you may replace the brake and wheel assembly back together.
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