How To Repair Knee Holes On Boys’ Jeans

Do you need to learn how to repair knee holes on boys' jeans? Boys are active and frequently tear holes in their jeans. Instead of tossing them in the trash try the techniques below.

  1. Sew a basic patch in place. Cut out a square-shaped scrap of matching denim or any sturdy fabric you have on hand. Be sure to cut the patch of fabric so that it is larger than the hole in the jeans. With the jeans turned inside-out, cover the hole with the patch and pin it in place. Fasten the patch by sewing with a running stitch around the edges.
  2. Use a decorative patch. Store-bought patches vary but some are embroidered with the image of a character, picture or logo. When using a decorative iron-on patch be sure to read the instructions. These types of patches may call for a steam iron or a low heat setting. Decorative patches can also be sewed into place.
  3. Patch from the inside out. If you want the patch to be completely invisible, place it on the inside of the jeans and be sure to use a denim fabric that matches the ripped jeans. Use a fabric patch that not only matches in color, but one that matches in texture and weight. If you're not up for sewing, use fabric glue or an iron-on patch.
  4. Reinforce jeans to prevent knee holes. To prevent future holes in boys' jeans, place a patch inside new pairs of jeans as soon as you buy them.
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