How To Repair An LCD Monitor

Need to know how to repair an LCD Monitor? Read on to to learn how to fix the most common repair. An LCD monitor uses less power than the older CRT monitors, provide clearer images and are much easier to fit on a desk. These types of screens do have one disadvantage over the older cathode ray tube monitors and televisions. The material used for the newer technology is less durable than glass. The most common repair that a users can do requires jelly not commonly associated with computer repairs. It is well known for other purposes.

Things You'll Need to Repair an LCD Monitor:

  • Cleaning Solution for Electronic devices
  • A Terry Cloth
  • A Petroleum Jelly, such as Vaseline

How To Repair an LCD Monitor:

  1. Apply cleaning solution to the monitor screen. Remove fingerprints and other items from y our LCD monitor. Windex may work in a pinch, but it could also do damage
  2. Locate the scratch to the LCD monitor and apply the petroleum jelly to the affected area. Do not overuse the solution or use it on the other forms of the monitor.
  3. Let the petroleum jelly sit for a few minutes. Petroleum jelly works well because when it is exposed to the air, the structure is similar to the surface of the monitor.
  4. Turn the LCD monitor on and see if it works. There are other things that can go wrong with liquid crystal displays, but they are beyond the ability of the average person to fix.

The steps described above can keep a computer LCD monitor or an expensive television in good repair for a long time. Replacing these types of screen is a process that takes much more time and effort.

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