How To Repair A Moped Scooter

Learning how to repair a moped scooter is a general but important set of steps for dealing with general problems in most mopeds. Mopeds tend to have one of 3 repair difficulties: the power chain comes loose from the rear sprocket, the tires go flat, the brakes go bad.

To repair most mopeds you will need:

  • A screwdriver and wrench set
  • An air pump
  • A spare set of brakes for your particular model


  1. Perform on-line research. Acquire manufacturer information on your particular scooter model. All safety recommendations should be recorded and kept. Now analyze your moped for one of the three problems above. Which problem is yours?
  2. If your moped has a flat tire, please attach the air pump and inflate the tire. If moped’s driver chain is loose turn it upside down and use a screw driver to pry the chain back into position. If your brakes are not working, perform a visual inspection on the pads. Are they too thin to be effective?
  3. If you have replaced the air in the tire, please hold your ear close for the sound of hissing air. If you don’t hear it, your repair is complete. If you do, go to step three. If you have chain problems, turn on the moped and wait for chain to pull. The chain should now drive the rear sprocket correctly. Power off the engine and turn the moped right side up. This set of repairs is complete. If your brakes are not working, your visual inspection should help you make a decision. If too little rubber is left on the brakes, purchase a new one to replace the old. If there is a lot of rubber left, you should realign the breaking mechanism with a wrench until it is perfectly balanced with the tire assembly.
  4. If you refilled the tire with air, and heard hissing take the moped to the dealer for a new inner tube. All other repairs were completed in step two.

This quick guide is designed to help you deal with the three most common repairs on a moped. These particular repairs might have to be repeated numerous times in the life of a moped.

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