How To Repair A Park Model Trailer Window

Are you wondering how to repair a park model trailer window? Any leaking window can be a nightmare. To avoid weather issues inside your park model trailer you will need to invest very little money, just a little time and elbow grease will repair any leakage problems.

  • indoor/outdoor caulk remover
  • utility knife
  • bath cleaner without ammonia
  • caulk (the type that remains elastic)
  • water
  • rags
  • screw driver
  1. Remove caulk. Use a good indoor/outdoor caulk remover to soften the existing caulk around the park model trailer window. Allow the product to work for two to seven hours. Use a utility knife to slice the caulk out from the base of the park model trailer window.
  2. Apply cleaner. Use a cleaner to remove the residue left behind from the caulk. Apply liberally around the park model trailer window, allowing time for the cleaner to work. Rinse with water (use a rag if needed to scrub remaining debris) and dry the area thoroughly.
  3. Tighten screws. Use a screw driver to make sure all screws in and around the park model trailer window area are tight. Replace any screws that appear stripped.
  4. Apply caulk. Squeeze and caulk products are great because they do not require a caulk gun. A good layer of indoor/outdoor caulk applied around the park model trailer window will seal the gap around the window from the elements.
  5. Clean drips, etc. Use the bathroom cleaner and a rag to clean caulk that has dripped or been incorrectly applied while it is still pliable. Make sure to remove all residue.
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