How To Repair Plastic Body On ATV

Learning how to repair the plastic body on an ATV is fairly simple. Plastic cracks easily, but it also is very easy to fix. With a few simple materials, and a little bit of time, you can repair cracked or even broken plastic on an ATV's body. This can be important for those who want their all-terrain vehicles to appear and work in tip-top shape. The following tips provide some basic advice on how to repair the plastic body of an ATV.

To repair an ATV's plastic body, you will need:

  • Five-minute epoxy
  • A razor blade
  • A rag
  • Water and a spray bottle
  • Tape
  1. First, buy what you will need from any supply or hardware store. These items should not be costly, and they are all fairly easy to use when repairing the ATV's plastic body.
  2. Spray water onto the cracked plastic, and wipe it down. If a chunk of plastic is missing, spray the gap area.
  3. Mix some five-minute epoxy. Apply it to the cracked area and wait for it to dry if the plastic is only cracked.
  4. If a chunk of plastic has actually broken off, apply epoxy to the edges of the space where it was, lay it in place, and then place some tape over it. Epoxy dries to make a plastic-like material, so that after about five minutes it will be sturdy and have basically the same toughness that it originally had.
  5. Once the epoxy has dried over the crack or the missing chunk, take a razor blade to the surface and scrape off the excess. Be careful, and make the surface flush, and then you will have a finally repaired your ATV's plastic body.

Learning how to repair the plastic body of an ATV is pretty easy. With a little time and effort, you can make your ATV as good as new.



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