How To Repair Plastic Kayaks

Learning how to repair plastic kayaks can save you a lot of money. A plastic kayak can be quite expense. Even a cheap plastic kayak can go anywhere from $300 to $500. Therefore, extending the longevity of your kayak by fixing it can be both beneficial to you and to the environment. It is no doubt a win-win situation. Here are several ways that you can repair plastic kayaks.

  1. Protecting it from ever need repair. While plastic kayak has many benefits, it is vulnerable to constant exposure to harsh UV lights. If you leave your kayak exposed to sun light constantly, that will increase the chance of cracks, thus decrease the longevity of your plastic kayak. Make sure you store it in a climate controlled environment to extend its life by quite a bit.
  2. Clean the cracked area first. If there is dirt on the opening area of your plastic kayak, you need to clean that off, possibly with an alcohol wipe. When you are gluing your kayak back together, dirt will decrease the bonding strength of polyethylene, which is what your kayak is made of.
  3. Make sure the inside of your kayak is completely dry. If you by any chance trap water inside the kayak, then you are in really big trouble. All of that water would just simple trapped in your kayak, it might even grow mold given the right circumstances.
  4. Use a plastic weld. If the crack is small enough that you do not need addition polyethylene, you can simply buy plastic welding material in hardware stores like Home Depot. Take caution when applying a plastic weld, as many of them are instant dry.
  5. Consider invest in a kayak repair kit. A kayak repair kit is both cheap and simple to use. You can buy one easily for $20 to $40 in your local outdoor stores, or you can buy them online. They usually come with additional polyethylene which you can use to repair plastic kayak.


  • If you are uncertain with what kind of material you need to repair your plastic kayak, consult with your local outdoor shops or even call up the manufacture.
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