How To Repair A PS3 Blu-ray Drive

Do you need to know how to repair your PS3's Blu-ray DVD drive? Perhaps your drive has stopped reading the discs entirely. If it just stopped reading the Blue-ray DVDs, it may be a software issue that a repair shop can fix. They might charge you for this privilege. There are two possible issues that are not software related that might cause the Blu-ray drive to not function normally.

  1. Buy a lens cleaner. This will fix most problems with the DVD drive, although not all of them. Follow the instructions and try to play a Blu-ray high definition disc in your PlayStation 3 console. If it works, you can skip the remaining steps.
  2. Check to see if you updated the firmware recently. Versions 3 of the PS3 firmware introduced a bug that caused the Blu-ray player to stop operating as it normally does. Repair shops can fix the corrupted firmware. You can reinstall it yourself if you know the procedure. If this does not apply, you may need to replace your PS3's DVD player
  3. Take apart the PS3. The screws needed to remove the PS3 cover are on the bottom. Take the cover off of the unit carefully. Set the screws aside so you do not lose them. You may need to remove the tamper proof seal to do this. Remove the screw underneath the seal.
  4. Remove the lid. There are seven more screws under the top of the PS3 lid. This lid covers the DVD Blu-ray drive. Remove the screws and take the secondary cover off gently.
  5. Pull the lid off gently. You can now get to the Blu-ray drive. Remove the power cords and the data cable. Do not take these off of the controller board if you do not have to.
  6. Place the old Blu-ray drive aside. Get a Phillips head screw driver and remove the circuit board. Place it aside. Pry the board of the old PS3 drive off carefully. When you see the wires attached, remove the wires from the board.
  7. Put the old circuit board on the new drive. Place the connector on the bottom. Screw the new circuit board onto the old drive. You must use the old controller or the drive will not work.
  8. Reattach the cables to the new PS3 Blu-ray drive. Place the drive back into its original slot carefully. Use the mounts on the drive and the controller to find the correct place. The mounts stabilize the drive.
  9. Put the secondary lid back on your PS3. Use the seven screws you removed earlier from your console to do this. Put the final lid over the top and place the screw into the area underneath the tamper proof seal. Close the seal and try out your new DVD drive.

If the Blu-ray drive on your PS3 stopped functioning because of a problem with the drive itself, repairing the drive will work. If the controller circuit board went bad, you will need to return the system to Sony itself.

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