How To Repair PVC Pipe

Polyvinyl chloride pipe is easy to work with but it does fail every now and then so you should know how to repair PVC pipe. PVC pipes are not hard to fix but the one thing you will need to know is what type of PVC glue and PVC pipe cleaner you will be using. There are different types for different systems. For example, you can use pretty much anything for a hot tub or garden spigot but if you will be drinking from this PVC pipe you will want to ensure the glue and cleaner is safe.

To repair PVC pipe, you will need:

  • Ratchet PVC pipe cutter – or a hacksaw
  • PVC pipe cleaner
  • PVC pipe glue
  • PVC couplings
  • PVC replacement pipe
  1. Water. When you repair a PVC pipe or do anything connected to a water line, you will definitely want to shut it off. If you cut through a leaky PVC pipe without first turning off the water line you will create a mini flood and feel silly when neighbors walk by and stare.
  2. Cutting. Cut off at least twelve inches of the damaged PVC pipe section. Working with anything smaller is a pain. A ratchet PVC pipe cutter makes nice smooth cuts and is much easier to use than a hacksaw but both will do. Your replacement length of PVC pipe should be just under twelve inches to allow for the couplings. Subtracting a quarter of an inch should do the trick.
  3. Clean. To repair the PVC pipe properly, you will want to clean the cut sections to help the glue bond better. Use the PVC pipe cleaner for this.
  4. Glue. When you glue your PVC pipe for repair work, do not be stingy. Use a decent amount of glue to create a good bond. Apply the PVC glue on the new section of PVC pipe and slide it into the coupling. Repeat for the other end.
  5. Wait. To find out if you made proper repairs on your PVC pipe, you will need to wait for about half an hour to allow it to dry. Turn on your water line. If you do not see any water spouts, you are most likely done. But to be extra cautious, check the couplings a few hours later to see if there are any slow leaks.
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