How To Repair Rear BMX Hub

Take care of your bike by knowing how to repair a rear BMX hub. Never ignore hubs of your BMX. When hubs are maintained well, the bikes promise you several kilometers of trouble free rides. The instructions given below are specifically for standard hubs of cup and cone style.

Things you will need to repair your rear BMX hub:

  • Cone wrench set
  • Open end wrench set or an adjustable wrench
  1. Assemble the tools correctly. Make sure you have cone wrenches of the correct size, a few wrenches having open ends, or an adjustable wrench.
  2. Take the wheel out first.
  3. Take out the washers and the quick release nuts or skewers which hold the bike with the frame.
  4. Take out the rubber seal if required.
  5. Slide in the appropriate cone wrench on the wrench flat of the BMX cycle hub. A cone wrench measuring 13mm, 14mm or 15mm will work well with the hub. Employ the appropriate open end wrench or use the adjustable wrench for the lock nut. You will generally prefer working on the side of the cycle hub from the other side of freewheel or cassette especially for the wheel at the back.
  6. Make the rear BMX locknut loose as you hold the cone wrench. Some strength may be required during this step.
  7. Remove the cone, the spacers and the locknut and keep them close by. Using a wrench, hold the locknut on the opposite side of the rear BMX hub in place.
  8. Pull out the axle from the hub. The locknut and the cone need not be unthread on the opposite side of the BMX axle. Make sure you don’t lose any of the rear BMX bearings.
  9. Take out the bearings from the sides of the hub and keep them close by.
  10. Take out the seals located on both sides of the hub. They are made from plastic mostly and in case the hub turns out to be old, they will seem to be weak. Use a screwdriver to do this carefully.
  11. Make sure you clean the hub properly using a clean rag. Now inspect surfaces of these bearing. If you find them to be severely pitted, the life of the hub may actually be over.
  12. Make sure you inspect the cones and clean them off. In case they are severely pitted, you need to immediately replace them. Several bike shops stock various hub parts.
  13. Make sure you clean the bearing using a solvent. If they have got worn out, replace them immediately.
  14. Put a good quality grease of on the hub and on the bearing races. Attach the seals back on the BMX rear hub.
  15. Join the bearings back on the hub. Don’t lose the bearings and put all of them back onto the hub.
  16. Insert the axle also just as you had taken it out of the rear hub.
  17. Thread on the locknut, spacers and the cone.
  18. Adjust the position of the rear BMX hub properly.
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