How To Repair Roller Hockey Helmets

Learning how to repair roller hockey helmets is not too hard. Fixing and cleaning your helmet are key parts of maintaining your hockey equipment, so fix it up whenever necessary. All you need to begin are some supplies which help refurbish and repair, and then you can make your helmet look as if it were new. The following is some advice on how to repair roller hockey helmets.


  • Epoxy
  • Tape
  • Popsicle stick
  • Dish detergent
  • Rag
  • Sponge
  • Small scrub brush


  1. First, rinse your helmet in water and allow it to dry off so that it is clean before you begin working with it.
  2. Next, you will have to physically repair any imperfections in your helmet. Mix some five minute epoxy with a popsicle stick thoroughly, and wait for about two minutes. Then, apply it to any cracks or dents in the helmet. If repairing cracks, tape the helmet together so that it will remain in place as it repairs. For a serious crack, another mixing of epoxy may be necessary. Apply it to the crack, and if the crack extends through to the inside of the helmet, dab some epoxy there, too.
  3. Wait for the epoxy to dry thoroughly, giving it at least ten minutes. Once this is done, give your helmet a thorough cleaning, which will reveal any other small cracks or dents and make it nicer overall. Mix some warm water with some detergent.
  4. Scrub any stained areas with a sponge or a scrub brush, dipped in the soapy detergent water. Make your helmet very clean, and repair any other disfigurations using five minute epoxy, if necessary.

Learning how to repair roller hockey helmets is not very difficult. Epoxy can fix the actual breaks or dents, and a good cleaning can help make it look like your helmet is new again.

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