How To Repair Rotten Wood In A Travel Trailer

If you know how to repair rotten wood in a travel trailer, you can save a lot of money. Sometimes travel trailers can leak due to a variety of factors. A dropped tree limb might cause damage to a roof. Rubber seals and caulk can deteriorate with age. Or a super storm might lead to water entry. Rotten wood in a travel trailer is most often the result of extended exposure to water. If your travel trailer has water in it make sure to dry it out as soon as possible and fix the leak.

To repair rotten wood in a travel trailer, you will need:

  • covered area for making repairs
  • replacement wood
  • general tools
  • general fasteners
  • stick on tile
  1. Evaluate where the rotten wood is in the travel trailer. If a water line has burst and continually leaked you may need to remove some appliances or counters to get to it.
  2. Most rotten wood problems in travel trailers are seen in the floor. These repairs do take some time and effort to repair. Usually the floor needs to be removed a bit further than you initially think.
  3. Some rotten wood might be repaired using a marine epoxy. This epoxy flows into the wood and fills the void spaces. This sort of repair works best on solid wood, not plywood as the epoxy doesn't always wick well into the plywood.
  4. Some of the cabinets or dinette structures may need to be removed. Once those are up, the floor covering can be removed. This allows the full view of what damage there is.
  5. The floors of most modern travel trailers are a sandwich of plywood with a hard insulation center. The floor is held down to the frame. If you cut away sections of the floor to repair you may need to add additional support under the travel trailer to hold the floor section up. Many welding shops eill be able to handle this for you.
  6. Using proper dimensioned lumber you can create a sub-floor, which replaces the old floor section. Add insulation and cover with plywood.
  7. Once the floor is replaced, cover with stick on tile or your choice of floor covering.

Work slowly when removing the flooring so you don't damage more than you need to.

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