How To Repair An RV Toilet

Usually the toilet in your RV retains water in the bowl, but when it doesn’t, RV owner’s that can learn how to repair an RV toilet can keep its odor from taking over your living space. When you find the inch of retained water has disappeared after flushing it’s an indicator that the rubber seals are failing and are no longer going to do the job.

Supplies List

  • Wrench
  • Rubber Seals
  • Installation Kit (depending on intended repairs)
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Cloth Rag
  • Workbench

To repair the seals on your RV toilet follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the water pressure by shutting off the on switch for the water pump.
  2. Get all of the water out of the system by flushing the toilet and emptying all water out of the toilet bowl.
  3. Repairs are made from the rear or bottom side so the RV toilet must be removed.
  4. Remove both of the bolts that secure the toilet to the floor. There is one on each side. Lift the toilet away from the wall and disconnect the water line on the backside of the toilet.
  5. Carefully place RV toilet on a workbench for stability during repairs.
  6. Lay a cloth rag on the top hole to reduce odor and to keep items from dropping into the black water tank.
  7. Always refer to the parts diagram from your repair kit for disassembly instructions. These instructions will vary depending on what repairs are being done.
  8. When the repair is ready for a seal, be sure to pour some water into the toilet before you reinstall it to ensure that the new seals work.
  9. If the repair is for the water valve, once you have reinstalled the water line you must pressurize the system to ensure that the valve does not leak. When your repairs pass these leak tests you can then bolt the toilet back in place.
  10. Before bolting the RV toilet in place you need to install seal between the toilet and the floor to complete the repairs.
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