How To Repair Saxophone Mouthpiece

Learn how to repair saxophone mouthpiece if it is not working properly. If your lower notes are not coming out crisp and clear, you may need to perform a simpler repair on your saxophone mouthpiece and the accompanying reed. This repair is very simple and only takes a few moments, but it can have your saxophone instantly playing better. To repair a saxophone mouthpiece, follow these steps.

To repair a saxophone mouthpiece, you will need:

  • Saxophone mouthpiece
  • Reed
  • Water
  • Sandpaper or knife
  1. Remove the saxophone mouthpiece from the neck of the instrument. If the saxophone has a reed attached, unscrew the clasp and remove the reed.
  2. Turn the reed upside down, so that you have access to the flat side of it. Sometimes the reed can swell and if your mouthpiece has a flat table, this can produce horrendous sounds when you attempt to play low notes.
  3. Gently rub the center of the reed with sandpaper or a knife. Scrape a way a small bit of the reed so that even when it swells (with saliva) it can lay flat against the mouthpiece. Wipe the excess dust off with your fingers.  
  4. Place the reed back against the mouthpiece. Line up the end of the reed properly with the mouthpiece and secure it using the clasp. Tighten the screws on the clasp.
  5. Play the saxophone and notice the difference in the sound. Play low notes and listen to the fullness of the notes. If you are still having trouble with the mouthpiece, repeat the process and take a bit more of the reed off with the sandpaper or knife.
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