How To Repair A Schwinn 226 Recumbent Bike Console

Learning how to repair a Schwinn 226 recumbent bike console should not be a pain, because it may even be an additional workout, too. A Schwinn 226 recumbent bike console lasts for years when maintained and used properly. A little knowledge on how to repair your bike console can be a lot of help for prevention of further damage or for safety measures.

What you need:

  • Cloth

  • Screwdrivers

  • Allen wrench

  • Silicone lube

  • Parts replacement

  1. Disconnect the bike console’s power supply. Clean the bike and the computer with clean damp cloth.

  2. Check all screws and bolts. Carefully check the screws with the washers attaching the handle bar to the seat frame, below the seat bottom and on the seat rail. Tighten them if loose or replace when needed.

  3. Inspect the seat and handlebar slider for smooth operation. Otherwise, administer some thin silicone lube. Do the same with the console tilt knob.

  4. Check pedals for any damages or loose screws. Replace the pedals for any visible wear or tear. Tighten screws if necessary.

  5. Inspect the computer and the heart rate wire connectors. Remove the screws at the back of the console and lift it up carefully exposing the wire connections. Connect them properly.

  6. Connect the power supply and check the console operation. Press start to turn on the console. The LCD should display enter program screen. Choose the program by pressing the arrow buttons or press the quick start for manual program. Pressing the pause button should pause the program. Press and hold the reset button for around two seconds to go back to the enter program screen. The results button should end the program and summarize the results of your workout. Replace the console if a response deviates from normal.



When moving the recumbent bike, carefully lift the bike’s rear end and slowly steer forward.

Ensure that the exercise machine is leveled properly. Check both ends of the rear stabilizer and adjust accordingly.

Check the warranty of your Schwinn 226 recumbent bike console before self servicing.

Do not use a petroleum based solvent when cleaning the bike and the computer. Wipe moisture on the computer regularly.

Avoid using the recumbent bike console when damaged parts are not yet replaced.

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