How To Repair A Schwinn Varsity Bicycle

If you acquired a Schwinn Varsity bicycle in the near or the distant past, you may wander how to repair a Schwinn Varsity bicycle. Some repairs for bicycles will be the same as any other, but the most common fix a person needs to make replacing the bike’s wheel. The Bicycle Tutor forum claims that the bike uses a free wheel rather than a cassette to shift the gears.  

Schwinn Varsity Bicycle Owners will probably end up replacing the entire wheel if the freewheel needs fixed. Replacing the entire wheel is simpler than taking off the original freewheel.

Things You Will Need to Repair a Schwinn Varsity Bicycle:

  • A new wheel
  • A screwdriver
  • Allen and Hex wrenches
  • Wrenches
  • An Inner tube
  • A Tire
  • A bicycle pump
  1. Loosen the bolts that attach the bike wheel. When you have the bolts loosened enough, take them off and set t:hem aside. Move the wheel up slightly and take the Schwinn Varsity bicycle chain of the wheel.  Remove the wheel from the forks
  2. Remove the cables from the wheel.  Allen and hex wrenches may be necessary.  Take the metal cable out of the wheel. Wrap the cable around the bike frame to make sure the cable is out of the way until you need it
  3. Place a tire and inner tube on a new bike. Place the tire around the wheel and stuff the inner tube inside. Shove the tube in the tire. Use a tool to place the tire on the bike. Use a bicycle pump to inflate the tire to the proper pressure.
  4. Put the New wheel on the hub. Place the chain on the wheel and move the tire back into place. Screw the bolts back on and use the wrench to tighten the wheel up.
  5. Remove the cable from the frame. Insert the cable into the gear shifter. Tighten the necessary bolts. Check to see if the gear shifter and brake cables work.

If all goes well, you have now repaired your Schwinn Varsity bicycle. Take it out for a test spin to see if the bike needs any further adjustments.

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