How To Repair Scratches On A Refrigerator

Kitchen appliances can suffer wear-and-tear just from everyday use, so you may be wondering how to repair scratches on a refrigerator. Whether the damage is superficial and hardly noticeable or more pronounced and unsightly, it is good to know how to repair the damage. Small chips and scratches can be a simple fix. Bigger damage requires a repair process that is slightly more involved. The following steps will help you repair chips and scratches, giving new life to your old refrigerator.

  1. Unplug the refrigerator. Before making any repairs, disconnect the refrigerator from its power source. Unplugging your appliances before troubleshooting and repairs will help you avoid accidental injury and death.
  2. Examine the damage. Examine the scratches on your refrigerator. Are they surface abrasions or deep scratches? The repairs to your refrigerator will depend on the extent of the damage.
  3. Clean the exterior. Before starting repairs, clean the exterior of your refrigerator. You can use a commercial cleaner that is safe for kitchen appliances, but water and dish detergent works just as well. Allow the cleaned area to dry completely, or wipe the surface dry with a clean cloth.
  4. Touch-up with appliance paint. For surface scratches and small chips, use an appliance touch-up paint to make the repairs. Appliance paint, available in many colors, is made to withstand heat and cold, and it will adhere to the surface without cracking or discoloring. For deep scratches, use commercial filler purchased from a home improvement or auto parts store. Lightly sand the surface before painting.
  5. Tip for stainless steel. If your refrigerator has a stainless steel finish, use a specific stainless steel product to remove the scratches. Newly repaired scratches quickly blend in with the surface, restoring your appliance’s stainless steel finish.

If your refrigerator shows a lot of wear-and-tear, consider giving the entire appliance a face-lift. Sand and repaint the whole refrigerator. While appliance paint comes in small touch-up bottles, it is also sold as a spray that is suitable for large areas.

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