How To Repair Ski Pants

Are you wondering how to repair ski pants? Ski pants come with a warranty. Make sure your warranty is not up. Do not use a needle and thread lest you wish void the warranty if it is still in place. You can send the pants to the maker for repair of a replacement pair.

  1. Gor-tex Fabric Repair Kit. This kit contains two patches sold in a variety of colors. The patch is adhesive backed and adheres within 24 to 48 hours. This kit is sold on McNett's web site.
  2. McNett Seam Grip. Sold on the company web site, this repair liquid kit is easy to use, permanent and washable. Just pull fabric edges together and use the liquid sealant.
  3. McNett Iron Mend repair patch kits. This kit comes with an iron on, waterproof patch that can be cut to size and a reuseable heating board. Make sure to cut the patch larger than the rip or tear.
  4. Check out fabric centers to see if they carry waterproof material for patching. The patch will be faster to obtain. Whether you choose iron on or sewn is up to you.
  5. Outdoor Clothing Repair Companies. Many companies specialize in repairing outdoor clothing and gear. Check on line or in your local directory for a location near you.
  6. Needle and thread. If your clothing is past warranty yet you do not have money to invest in another piece of outdoor clothing, a needle and thread may be your best option. This option will work best for a small rip or tear.
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