How To Repair Speakers

Knowing how to repair speakers will save you the expense of buying new ones or paying a technician. For the most part, speakers are fairly durable and usually can be repaired at home.

Things You Will Need

  • A screwdriver
  • Duct tape
  • A replacement voice coil
  1. In order to repair speakers that are damaged, you need to disassemble the speakers. Using a screwdriver, remove the faceplate and fabric that is covering the speaker. Take your time doing so. You do not want to damage any part of the speaker while trying to repair them. You will also have to use most of the parts again once you have repaired the affected area.
  2. Inspect the cone of the speaker for any holes or tears. If you find a hole or tear, use duct tape to cover it. Be sure to cover both sides of the speaker with duct tape. This will decrease the chances of the tear spreading or needing repair in the future.
  3. Inspect the voice coil of the speaker for noticeable damage. The voice coil is located in the center of the speaker. If the voice coil appears to be melted, replace it. You can find a replacement voice coil at your local electronics store or by contacting the manufacturer. Once you have received the replacement coil, install it in the same position it is in now.

If you are still unable to repair the speakers, a technician may be able to give you an idea of what is wrong without charging an arm and a leg. The fix may be something simple that will only take a little effort to repair.

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