How To Repair Sunglass Scratches

Learning how to repair sunglass scratches due to wear and tear can be extremely expensive without the right tools. This guide will show you how to repair sunglass scratches inexpensively, with common household items, thus removing the need for costly repairs from your local eye care studio.

To repair sunglass scratches you will need:

  • vinegar
  • mustard
  • etching cream
  • eyewear cloth
  1. Try vinegar and mustard first. Begin with using vinegar and mustard since they are easily accessible and can be found in your home. Take one part vinegar and one part mustard and mix together until they form a paste. Vinegar has the ability to buff away scratches while the mustard will allow the scratched surface to be sealed away.
  2. Apply the paste. After the paste has formed, liberally apply the paste to all areas where scratches appear. Apply in a circular motion, making sure that the area is completely saturated. Leave thickened paste over severely scratched areas of the sunglasses in order for the mixture to concentrate on those areas.
  3. Let it dry. Allow the paste to completely air dry. This portion of the process will actually seal deep scratches in order to repair sunglass scratches.
  4. Buff the surface. Buff away any remaining residue from the paste. It is important to use a lent free cloth or a cloth that is particularly formulated for use with eyewear. Use gentle circular motions until the glasses are residue free. This is an important process in the repair of sunglass scratches.
  5. Apply the etching cream. Although the superficial scratches may be gone or maybe the deep scratches may have been remedied with the preceding steps, the etching cream will fill in any remaining scratches that remain on your sunglasses. Apply a liberal amount of etching cream to the sunglasses and let the surface air dry.
  6. Buff away any remaining cream. Use circular motions to gently buff away any remaining etching cream. The circular motion will enhance the buffing action to the etching cream that is needed to repair sunglass scratches.
  7. Reinspect the sunglasses. Once the process has been completed, your sunglasses should be completely scratch free. However, it is important to hold the sunglasses up to direct sunlight for reinspection. If any remaining scratches are present, you may need to repeat the process again for full remediation of sunglass scratches.


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