How To Repair A Surfboard

Knowing how to repair a surfboard is an important part of surfing. There are a million ways to get your surfboard dinged, even if all you surf is sand bars. Some kook can hit you, your little sister might drop it out of the back of a truck or you might hit the only rock on the entire beach. Sooner or later, your surfboard will sustain some damage. You can actually buy the materials you need to repair your surfboard at a hardware store, but to keep things simple, go to your local surf shop. Tell them what kind of surfboard you have and get a repair kit. The reasoning behind this is there are two types of resins commonly used, epoxy and polyester, and you don’t want the wrong one.

To repair a surfboard, you will need:

  • A repair kit (resin, catalyst and cloth)
  • Sandpaper (medium grit and fine)
  • A craft knife
  • Paint or masking tape
  1. Prepare. Use the medium grit sandpaper and sand a ring around your ding. Don’t go crazy. This is just to help the patch adhere to the resin. Use the knife and trim away the large hunks from the ding. If your surfboard is cracked, leave it alone. Clean off the dust, sand and wax. If you can feel that the core inside your surfboard is wet, you should wait a couple days to let it dry out completely. You can use a blow dryer, but sometimes you can’t get all the moisture out. Outline the area around your ding with tape. This is to stop excess resin from making a mess.
  2. Cut and mix. Cut the cloth from your repair kit large enough to cover the ding on your surfboard. Get a cup and follow the directions to mix the resin with the catalyst. This stuff hardens quickly, so you will have to work fast.
  3. Repair your surfboard. Pour or spread the mixture over your ding and place the cloth over it. Make sure there are no air bubbles trapped beneath the cloth.
  4. Wait, sand and surf. Now let it dry. Most kits will dry in a couple of hours. When the resin is hard, use the fine sandpaper and smooth it out. When uniformity is achieved, go to the sea and test out your surfboard for several hours. After you are done, have a beer and some food and feel proud that you didn’t pay the burnouts at the surf shop to fix your board.
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